Monday, August 11, 2008

Canal Days

Not much to report after spending the last few days housesitting on the Delaware-Raritan Canal. Heavy rain fell yesterday and this morning; conditions will not be favorable for at least the coming day or so. I did, however, catch a pickerel, some smallmouth bass, and some red-breasted sunfish in the Millstone River on Friday night (all on the spin-casting rod, so I'm not updating my fly fishing bass totals). Additionally, I caught two catfish in the canal Saturday evening. (image of my best friend Will fishing the Millstone; he caught one largemouth bass)

Wildflowers spotted: purple loosestrife, black-eyed susan, aster, groundnut, monkeyflower, and cattail. (image of the larger catfish I caught)

I also found some interesting mushrooms. I find these organisms interesting and, consequently, I've now purchased a mushroom field guide. I hope to add pictures of various mushrooms to my blogging endeavors. Hope you enjoy! (image of amanita citrina, I think)

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