Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bass Update #4: More Millstone River Fun

Last night I went back to the spot where I missed the large fish from Monday. I tried to catch catfish and failed. I tried to catch the mystery fish and failed. I failed to catch anything of significance until one of my last casts when I landed a black crappie, a fish known to some as a calico bass; I believe this is the first crappie I've ever caught on a fly rod (it took a Muddler Minnow streamer). As it is not a sunfish or trout, I have decided to count it on the bass list. I will continue to do this for the rest of August.

I saw a belted-kingfisher, a white-tailed deer, a great blue heron, and other assorted songbirds. Additionally, I spotted some spotted touch-me-not growing in a meadow.

I also found a new wildflower: field bindweed. I also found some milkweed.

(Images in order: black crappie, field bindweed, video of white-tailed deer, milkweed)

Overall Total: 18

River Breakdown
Stony Brook - 5 (4 Rock, 1 Smallmouth)
Delaware River - 4 (4 Smallmouth)
Millstone River - 3 (2 Largemouth, 1 Black Crappie)
Potomac River - 3 (3 Smallmouth)
Bushkill Creek - 2 (2 Smallmouth)
Difficult Run - 1 (1 Smallmouth)

Species Breakdown
Smallmouth Bass - 11
Rock Bass - 4
Largemouth Bass - 2
Black Crappie - 1

Type of Fly
Streamer - 11 (6 Smallmouth, 4 Rock, 1 Black Crappie)
Popper - 4 (3 Smallmouth, 1 Largemouth)
Nymph - 3 (2 Smallmouth, 1 Largemouth)

State Breakdown
New Jersey - 11
Maryland - 3
Pennsylvania - 3
Virginia - 1

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