Monday, March 21, 2011

Ice Fishing 2011 in Pictures

Hello everyone. I apologize yet again for the big gap between posts. I've been busy writing my dissertation, and I haven't been able to devote much time to nature writing. As the wildflowers begin to bloom and the first mayflies start to hatch, I thought I'd wrap-up this year's ice fishing season through a pictorial montage. It was a great year on the ice, and I already miss standing on frozen lakes, pulling tip-ups out of the cold water, and catching fish in the most difficult of conditions.

Image #1: Early season fishing on Blue Mountain Lake
Image #2: A nice largemouth bass from Blue Mountain
Image #3: Blue Mountain Lake
Image #4: A yellow perch, one of my only catches during my first trip to Budd Lake
Image #5: Budd Lake
Image #6: Hemlock Pond
Image #7: A yellow perch, the only fish I caught at Hemlock Pond
Image #8: Mauch Chunk Lake
Image #9: A small chain pickerel from Mauch Chunk
Image #10: A largemouth bass from Mauch Chunk
Image #11: Sunset at Mauch Chunk
Image #12: Budd Lake on the second trip
Image #13: The first northern pike of the year
Image #14: Close-up of the pike
Image #15: The biggest pike
Image #16: My wife on Budd Lake
Image #17: A bass from Monroe Lake
Image #18: A fat chain pickerel from Monroe Lake
Image #19: Probably this ice fishing season's fish of the year, a 4-5 lbs largemouth bass from Monroe Lake

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