Monday, June 30, 2008

Catskill Pictures

Hey everyone (all three of you that read this blog), here are the photos from the Catskills trip I promised.

A nice photo of some Dame's Rocket flowers. If all invasive "weeds" looked and smelled like these, I would rather have them than native plants.

Me fishing in the Beaverkill's famous covered bridge pool. The bridge is almost one hundred and fifty years old. Apparently Theodore Gordon, a nineteenth century American fly fisherman, fished this spot extensively. He is credited with creating the Quill Gordon, one of the first American dry flies.

This is an excellent picture of a wild American orchid. Yes, we do have orchids. The flower is known as Pink Lady's Slipper. I think I've seen three or four in my life.

An excellent picture of the unnamed pond Jackie and I hiked a mile and a half uphill to reach. Alas, it didn't have trout in it. Instead it was full of nice sized largemouth bass and bluegill. On our walk we also saw a number of red efts.

I was lucky enough to catch a wild brown out of Faulkner Brook on our way back down from the pond.

Finally, a somewhat blurry picture of me fishing the world famous West Branch of the Upper Delaware River. Too bad I have absolutely no luck and my awful fly fishing skills get put on full display at this place...

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